Unsolicited Testimonials from our awesome PIANO FOOTREST customers!


"Just got our footrest and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!  We will be recommending them to everyone!  Thanks so much!" 

Rebecca C. - Richland, WA   

"We are a music school with many small children who take piano lessons.  This footrest is great because it is adjustable for various sizes of little students.  The teachers (six of them) like it because the shelf does not slide out easily or bounce up like some other footrest we tried.  Our cello teacher uses it as a stool for her smallest cello students to sit on.  This footrest is very sturdy, well made, and versatile!" 

Southern Park Music School - Charolette, NC 

  "I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your new design.  I ordered from you several years ago so I knew I would get good craftsmanship from you.  I really like the handle - I can carry it with one hand!  I like the deeper footrest board; it is sturdy without being too "boxey" - I also like how the shelf won't slide in rout when it's not supposed to!" 

Rachael Z. - Teacher - Toledo, OH   

"Just wanted to let you know I received the footrests.  I am very impressed with them!  Now I can provide something to my parents that I know will help their kids have correct posture at the piano.

Thank you!"

 Laura K. - Teacher - Leola, PA  

   "Thank you so much for sending the stool so quickly - the design is fantastic! Thanks for making such a wonderful piano stool for such a great price!  My 8 year old son and 2 year old daughter will use it for a long time!" 

Yuki W. - San Diego, CA  

 "I will tell our friends, our Suzuki piano teacher, our Traditional Piano teacher and the Piano Conservatory about your footstool!...I am very touched by your faith in people sending you the payment after you shipped the item, it goes to show you yourself must be a very good person, thus you view the world with trust.  I hope your business flourishes and everything goes well for you!...best to you and your family!  

Jeanne T. - Costa Mesa, CA

   “Thank you for the footstool.  It is wonderfully made and perfect for our son.  What a difference it makes!” 

Danielle K. – Tacoma, WA 

  “I want to thank you for helping bring much joy into our house.  Our oldest son is 6 years old and is learning to play the piano.  Your piano stool has helped him tremendously.  It obviously gives him the physical boost, but it helps him psychologically too!  I know he is more confident with it, so thank you so much for what you do.” 

Joe. H. – Omaha, NE   

“FINALLY, I have found the perfect footrest!  I use it for my studio, as well as for recitals sponsored by our chapter.  Everyone loves it  - the word is out!” 

Clair S. – Teacher – West Hartford, CT   

“Thank you for the footrest.  It works great – You have a great reputation with my son’s piano teacher – She thinks very highly of you and your product.”

Christina M. – Oakland, CA  

 “Thank you for the piano footstool – it is fabulous!  Great workmanship.  I will certainly pass your name on to other people looking for a piano footstool.  And thank you for being so trusting in mailing the footrest before payment…a refreshing change!  Good luck with your business.”

 Fiona S. – Granby, CT   

 “Very impressed with design.  We got is because of the handle, but also love that it has no screws or fasteners!” 

Steven P. – Teacher – University of Hartford School of Music   

“Thank you for the great footrest!” 

Andrea M. – Teacher – Oberlin College & Conservatory – Oberlin, OH  

“Thank you for a wonderful product.”

Betsy F. – Watertown, CT   

“Looks great – love the design very clever!” 

Lesley P. – West Bontiful, UT 

  “Thank you so much for a beautiful piano footrest.”

Katya L. – Alexandria, VA  

 “Hi Jack – thank you for the footstool – My students love it!” 

Lucy M. – Teacher – Homdel, NJ  

  “Jack – the footrests are GREAT!  All of our piano teachers love using them.  Thanks again!” 

Natalie T. – Music Lesson Coordinator –

 Louis S. McGehee School – New Orleans, LA   

“Thanks so much for the footrest.  My students love these – what a great design!” 

Nancy D. – Teacher – Springfield, VA   

“Thank you for the footrest.  It works well for my students!”

Wendy L. – Monument, CO

“Thank you so much for the foot rest!  My 4-yr-old loves it.”

 Karla V. – Minneapolis, MN   

“Thank you for the footrest.  It is perfect!”

 Debra W. – Powell, OH  

 “Thank you so much for sending the piano footrest.  Hopefully it has been distilled with some mystical qualities to inspire great music and practice!” 

 Allia O.  – Houston, TX  

 “Thanks for the wonderful, PERFECT footrest!” 

Anja L. – Boulder, CO  

 “I received the footrest – it is truly a piece of wonderful workmanship!” Denise N. – Teacher - Orlando, FL     

"Great job on the piano footrest.  I like how you run your business - you are a great American!"

Vicki T. - Teacher - Goldsboro, NC 

  “Thank you so much for our new piano footrest!  What a beautiful product you have created.  This will immensely improve my daughters daily practice as she continues her Suzuki piano education!”

 Martina P. – Philadelphia, PA   

“I just wanted to thank you not only for the wonderful piano footstool but for being such a trustworthy businessman.  It’s a very rare occasion that someone does the work BEFORE getting paid from a complete stranger.  I want you to know I appreciate it and will pass along your name to others.” 

Angie D. – Bismark, ND  

 “The piano footrest arrived yesterday…WOW!  This is going to be perfect for my short students.  Thanks for all your efforts!” 

Kay B. – Teacher – Summerset, SD   

“The footrest is wonderful.  Thanks you so much!” 

Kelsey S. – Hixson, TN

   “We really appreciate your old-school way of doing business.  We’ve included some chocolates for your family! (NOTE from Jack: The chocolates were delicious!). Lyman L. – Phoenix, AZ  

 “Thank you!  I am so glad I found your great product.  Works great!” 

Michelle M. – Lake Mary, FL 

  “We are pleased with the quality of the footrest.  The workmanship is impressive and we’ll definitely refer our friend to you.”

 David D. – Louisville, KY   

“Thank you for your quick, quality & trusting craftsmanship.  I will spread the word of your work.”

 Julie G. – Colorado Springs, CO  

 “Thank you for the wonderful piano foot rest!  Blessings!” Charlotte G. – Sunnyvale, CA 

  “The footrest is very nice – GOOD JOB… thank you.”

 Ron H. – Littleton, CO   

“Thank you Jack.  The piano footrest is lovely!  Blessings.” 

Maclean K. – San Antonio, TX  

 “Thank you –I’m really pleased with the stool as it is so easy to use!” 

Kathy B. – Teacher – Berkley, CA 

  “Thank you so much!  The footrest is fantastic!  Best wishes.”

 Christina L. – Long Meadow, MA   

“Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and useful stool for our young pianist.”

Michael H. – Teacher – Minneapolis, MN   

“Thank you so much!  It’s perfect!”

 Chris D. – Wildwood, MO  

 “Thank you!  The footrest arrived today and my daughter is SO excited it…She loves it!” 

JoEllen T. – Grand Junction, CO   

“Thank you so much for the piano footrest!  It is awesome!  Very happy with it.” 

Ashley N. – Sarasoto, FL   

“Thank you for providing such a great product.  The footstool was exactly as described and pictured.  I will definitely pass along your name to others.” 

Jeanne H. – Sewickley, PA

 "I received the footrests yesterday - thanks so very much... they are great!" 

Ivan A. - Piano Teacher - New York NY 

"Hello and thank you.  We received the footrest yesterday and it's great - it works with harps too..." 

Dalia N. - Charolette, NC   

"This is beautiful and works really well!" 

Susan H. - Marietta, GA    

 “The piano footrest is very well made - I can tell you put a lot of care into each one." 

Myrtha C. - Avon, CT

"We love the foorest - what a beautiful design!" 

Dana R. - Joliet, IL  

 "Thanks so much! It's perfect." 

Wanda H. - San Marcos, TX   

"Thanks for making a wonderfully sturdy and useful product." 

Barbie W. - Alameda, CA 

"I just got the footrest today.  It's very beautiful.  My kids love it so much!" 

Theo N. - San Diego, CA  

 "Thank you - what a clever design!  Pleasure doing business with you!" 

Jim L. - Wilmette, IL  

 "The footrest just arrived and is great... thank you again for your trust." 

Rita H. - Piano Teacher - Wellington, FL  

 "We received the footrest today and it is just wonderful!" 

Miguel K. - Chicago, IL   

"The footrests I have been using pale in comparison to yours!" 

Kate L. - Piano Teacher - Alberta, Canada   

"The stool is fantastic... thanks so much for inventing it!" 

Joe S. - St. Paul, MN   

"Thanks for such a well made product!" 

Brian D. - Plano, TX   

"Excellent footrest - our kids love it." 

Pavlo B. - Brooklyn, NY   

"Thank you for the footrest!  We love it." 

Toni H. - Seattle, WA  

 "The footrest is so sturdy and beautifully made.  My kid can play piano better now - thank you." 

Julie W. - Roseville, MN  

 "The footrest is PERFECT - excellent quality - fit perfectly in place without tools... I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!" 

Mai D. - Houston, TX   

"Awesome footrest!  Will pass your name to other teachers and my students." 

Chrisanne H. - Teacher - Albertville, MN  

 "Thank you SO much for the footrest!  They are SOOOO solid!!! I'm REALLY happy with them!!!" 

Laura D. - Teacher - Arlington, PA   

"Thanks for a great product!" 

Peter M. - Westwood, MA   

"Thank you for the footrest .  My kids loved it!" 

Angelica S. - Springfield, IL  

 "Thanks - the footstool is great - we're also going to use it as a cello stool for Suzuki Cello." 

Leslie D. - Westerville, OH   

"Thanks for the quick delivery!  The footrest works perfectly."  

Joyce B. - Hudson, OH   

"The piano footrest is great - I will pass your name along to my students."  

Holly W. - Teacher - Los Altos, CA  

 "Thanks for a wonderful piece of work..."  

Linda R. - Bradenton, TX  

 "The piano footrest is top-notch, thank you... my daughter is pleased as punch!"  

Jonathan E. - Norwich, VT   

"Thanks - the footrest is perfect." 

Peggy W. - Philadelphia, PA   

"Thank you so much for the piano foot rest.  It is beautiful... just perfect... again the footrest is the best, my kid loves it." Mari T. - Bellsbrook, OH   

"My students and I are enjoying your wonderful work!  All the best!" 

Agnes W. - Teacher - Nashville, TN   

"Thanks - we love it!" Jason L. - Charlottesville, VA  

 "Thank you so much for designing and making the wonderful piano footrest.  Both of my sons (4 & 6) love it." 

Susan W. - Jericho, NY  

 "Thank you - the footrest is great!"

Alexa D. - Philadelphia, PA

   "Just wanted to tell you the piano footrest is awesome!" 

Samantha O. - Anaheim, CA   

"Thanks Jack - Beautiful work!" 

Kit L. - San Ramon, CA  

 "Thank you very much - wonderful!  Best Wishes!" 

Ami K. - Guilford, CT  

 "Thank you for your prompt service, and I love the stool!"

Gayle H. - Teacher - Sammamish, WA   

"Thank you so much!!  My students & I love it so much!  Thanks for making it so nice & the price is great." 

Michelle T. - Teacher - Lewisville, TX   

"Thanks!  Footstool is great. My son loves it!"

Courtney P. - Arlington, PA   

 "Just received the delivery... very nice work!" 

Darius G. - Washington, D.C.  

 "I am very impressed with your clever design and sturdy workmanship - can't wait for my youngest students to try it out!" 

Jo Ann F. - Teacher - Falcon Heights, MN  

 "Just unpacked the footrest.  It is terrific... Really sturdy and the convenience of the handle is great."

 Patti H.  -  Teacher  -  Rockford, IL   

"Thank you  - looks great!"

 Beatriz A.   -  Eden Prairie, MN  

 "Thank you for our piano footrest - We are very pleased with our purchase.  Excellent craftsmanship!"

 Patti F.  -  Austin, TX  

 "Thanks so much - the piano footstool is perfect!" 

Wendy O.  -  Morrow, OH  

 "Thank you - it is great.  Our teacher liked it too." 

Marisa W.  -  Chevy Chase, MD   

"Thanks so much.  The quality is great.  Will spread the word." 

Amy Y.  -  Bella Vista, AZ 

 "Thank you so much.  It seems to work great for my 3, 5, & 7 year olds. No more kitchen stools and phone books!"

Emily W. - Escondido, CA 

  "I received my footrest and am extremely pleased with it! Thanks so much - I will definitely recommend your footrests to anyone who needs one." 

Sarah D. - Teacher - Half Way, MO  

 "I received the footrest and it is great!  The quality is fantastic!  I will definitely recommend your work!"

Amy Y. - Bella Vista, AZ  

 "Thank you for your awesome service!" 

Susan K. - Ontario, Canada   

"Thanks so much... the footrest is perfect." 

Jordan S. -  Teacher - Bountiful, UT   

"Thank you!  Very nice footrest!  Beautifully made!"

Julia R. - Cypress, TX   

“Thank you for the speedy delivery. Wonderful item- Will gladly spread the word.” 

Dr. Gabriele F. –Redlands, CA   

"Thank you for the wonderful piano foot rest with a great price!" 

Naomi M - Teacher - Antioch, CA   

"Received the piano foot rest in great condition.  It's just perfect for our 5 and 6 year old daughters to use... Thanks again for the PERFECT piano footrest!" 

Julie M. - Eagan, MN    

“Thanks for a great AND affordable piano foot rest!"       

Bonnie D. - Teacher - Atlanta, GA   

"Footrest looks great! I will pass along your name to all our friends with young ones."

 Jen T. - Grand Junction, CO  

"Sturdy and looks great!  I love the piano footrest! Thanks! I told my friends about it!" 

Sandra M. - Pensacola, FL  

 "Looks good and made in the USA!" 

Luz M. - Los Angeles, CA   

"Thank you so much for the beautiful foot stool - It couldn't be more perfect.  I will certainly pass the word!  All the best to you and your family." 

Jasmine G. - Petaluma, CA   

“Thank you so much for shipping the piano foot rest so fast.  It's perfect!       

Cindy R. - Orlando, FL

 "I am a Suzuki piano teacher and have been teaching for over 20 years.  This is the most affordable and well made piano foot rest on the market.  Thank you so much for offering this to us!"      

Anne K.  - Teacher -   San Jose, CA

"Your piano foot rest arrived today, and we can not be more pleased..."   

Bill R.     -    Bronx, NY   

"Your piano footstool was just as our teacher promised - thanks."

 Jean F.   -     Blacksburg, VA   

"We just unpacked our piano footrest and love it.  The high quality is immediately evident... Your check is on its way!"

 Jeanne R.     -   Duluth, MN   

"The footstools are great!" 

Patty - Neighborhood Music School   

"The piano footrest is awesome! My 5 year old son loves it.  Thank you for such an amazing product!" 

Valerie B. - Boca Raton, FL  

"Thanks so much.  It's great and the kids love it!" 

Stone Oak Piano Studio - San Antonio, TX  

 "Thanks much - it is perfect!" 

Susan H. - Rogers, AR 

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