Can the footrest be finished?

The composite material (MDF) is a nice khaki color that looks great with any piano finish and really never needs finishing! - that is why 99% of our customers leave our footrest unfinished!

If you really want to,  you can put a stained finish yourself - just use an oil based stain, not water based.  Our favorite finish is a ZAR oil based wood stain.  (The color 119 Danish Walnut gives it a nice dark finish - one coat wiped on and your done)

See picture of finished footrest

You say the footrest is made of MDF - What the heck is that?

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a high end composite material made of wood pulp, that would otherwise end up in a landfill. (GREEN product!)   It is combined with a resin and put under extreme pressure.  The material is very stable, not apt to warp like lumber.  The crown molding and base board in your home is very likely made of MDF.

Will this footrest go over my piano pedals?

Our footrest is designed so this is a "non-issue" - The depth and placement of the shelf (where the feet rest) is in the perfect spot!  Teachers from all 50 states are using OUR footrest in their studios!

How do you derive your price - Your footrest is so awesome, can I pay you $500 for it?

I get that question all the time (never).  But heck yeah!  My dad always taught me to never turn down money!  But seriously, we do every thing we can to hold down the price of our footrest.  We carefully purchase our material looking for the best deal and quality.  We also implement the LEAN manufacturing system during our production process.  We know you want a good quality product for a reasonable price, and that is what we offer.

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